Bring Me the Horizon release new song & video, “Throne”

I used to think Bring Me the Horizon were a pretty shitty band. I did dig the song “Pray for Plagues”, but I thought the rest of the album it hailed from was repetitive, breakdown-filled deathcore. I had some more contact with their later releases after that, but for me they slowly got lumped into that “scene bands teenage girls” like category, and I just couldn’t take them seriously.

Then, last year, I heard they were working with Terry Date (Deftones, Soundgarden, Incubus, The Fall of Troy), one of my favorite producers, and I just couldn’t help but give them one more shot. What I found was Sempiternal, an album which found the band miles away from their deathcore roots, instead writing lush, textured, melodic songs with genuinely emotional vocals. And now they’re gearing up to release the follow-up to that album, That’s The Spirit, due out on September 11th. Part of that process is this new song and video, “Throne”.

Like the album’s first single, “Happy Song”, “Throne” finds the band picking up where Sempiternal left off. They’ve retained the dense, layered keyboard and guitar sound they had on that album, and “Throne” in particular shows off the band’s new found penchant for electronics. It’s a surging, bubbling, and exciting track, even if it does breathe a tad too much of the same air Linkin Park has in recent years. But the biggest change on this song is Oli Syke’s vocals. On Sempiternal he was still trying to find his clean voice, often times still sticking in the middle ground between screamed and sung registers. But “Throne” shows that Oli can now be considered a legitimate singer, as the first few seconds show a side of him fans have never heard before. And now he can go back and forth between raspy singing and shouting, whispered coos, and screams as the songs call for it, giving the band a whole new dimension.

Bring Me the Horizon have been catching tons of shit for this new sound of theirs, but I honestly can’t help but applaud them for it. They’ve gone from writing pretty run-of-the-mill deathcore to growing as songwriters, trying new sounds and textures and moods. Yeah, they sound pretty poppy at times, but at heart I’ve always been a sucker for a good song. And coming from such a heavy background, it’s poppy music that’s informed by heavy music, giving it a different feel entirely. I can’t help but compare the leap to In Flames’ album Reroute to Remain, where they famously shifted their sound from classic melodic death metal into something more modern and loose. This is how bands stay relevant and interesting – they take leaps, and sometimes the fans hate them, but it keeps the actual humans in the band that make the music stay happy and inspired. And happy and inspired musicians end up creating inspired music, so even if they’ve switched genres, the music they’re making is probably still damn good. You just gotta give it a chance.

New Circa Survive Song + Video ‘Schema’

Holy shit. Circa Survive just released the first single from their new album, Descensus, and boy is it killer. It roars out of the gate with feedback and crashing drums, settles down into a moody verse, before coming back full force and going out with a band. Green’s vocals are still in top form, and he sounds angrier and raspier than ever, and this might be the loudest Circa has been, maybe ever. It sounds like they’ve managed to work the slower, more atmospheric sounds of Violent Waves into something more rocking, which is a really good combination. I was already excited for the new album, but now my body is fully ready.

As a side note, pre-orders for the album have also gone live on their site, and MerchNow, for those of you that are so inclined to spend money on music:

New Smashing Pumpkins Song ‘Being Beige’

Well shit, this one is a disappointment. The Smashing Pumpkins have just released a single from their upcoming Monuments to an Elegy, featuring Tommy Lee on drums, which is also the first of two albums from the band scheduled for release. What a mouthful.

Oceania found Billy picking up the pieces after the failed Teargarden singles series, but he still didn’t fire on all cylinders. Being Beige sounds like one of the weaker tracks from that album, which is worrying since it was chosen as a first single for Monuments. Starting off with piano reminiscent of Mellon Collie, the song quickly transitions into some strummy acoustic and Billy’s new, incredibly dry, vocals. It attempts to rock a little towards the end, but the production leaves it feeling limp and flat.

Hopefully the other 8 songs on the album are better than this, but suddenly I’m not as hopeful.

New Foo Fighters Song, ‘Something from Nothing’

Foo Fighters have just released the first single from their upcoming album, Sonic Highways, and boy is it a killer track. It’s not an out of the gate rocker like a lot of their singles, but builds up with a slow burn of a verse, eventually exploding at the end with one of Grohl’s best screams since the ’90s. And for once, Grohl is actually singing, instead of just shouting, and the result is wonderful. “Something From Nothing” almost feels like old school Foos, with more emotion and dynamics than anything on Wasting Light. If this song is a taste of what’s to come, I’m officially excited for this album.

New Guns N’ Roses single “Chinese Democracy”

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Guns N’ Roses has finally announced an official release date for it’s 14-years in the making opus “Chinese Democracy”. The album will be exclusively available at Best Buy in North America on November 23rd, and anywhere music is sold in any other territory.

The lead single, “Chinese Democracy” was released to radio on October 22nd, and can be heard in the Widget above.