New Smashing Pumpkins Song ‘Being Beige’

Well shit, this one is a disappointment. The Smashing Pumpkins have just released a single from their upcoming Monuments to an Elegy, featuring Tommy Lee on drums, which is also the first of two albums from the band scheduled for release. What a mouthful.

Oceania found Billy picking up the pieces after the failed Teargarden singles series, but he still didn’t fire on all cylinders. Being Beige sounds like one of the weaker tracks from that album, which is worrying since it was chosen as a first single for Monuments. Starting off with piano reminiscent of Mellon Collie, the song quickly transitions into some strummy acoustic and Billy’s new, incredibly dry, vocals. It attempts to rock a little towards the end, but the production leaves it feeling limp and flat.

Hopefully the other 8 songs on the album are better than this, but suddenly I’m not as hopeful.

Am I spot on? Or just plain stupid? Tell me!

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