Circa Survive Announces New Album ‘Descensus’ for November 24th Release


Circa Survive have just come off the heels of their excellent Violent Waves reissue, and now they have announced that their new album, titled “Descensus”, will be released on November 24th. According to Anthony Green, the band’s vocalist, this album is to be their ‘heaviest and angriest’ recording yet, and is his ‘favorite Circa album’. Hear a clip of a new song below, which is set to release on October 27th:

Personally, I’m really excited for Descensus. Violent Waves was an amazing album, which showed them stretching their legs musically after being freed from a restrictive label. I’ve always loved the harder rocking edge of their sound, even though it doesn’t get shown very often, and it’ll be a nice change of pace from it’s largely down-tempo predecessor. And the fact that it’s coming out in just a little over a month is just the icing on the cake, because fuck waiting.

Am I spot on? Or just plain stupid? Tell me!

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