New Scott Weiland album due Nov. 18th

10 years after his solo debut 12 Bar Blues, two break-ups, and one reunion, Scott Weiland is finally ready to release a brand new solo album. Judging from 12BB, (Which I reviewed on this blog previously) there’s a lot of potential to show a whole new side of him, unlike the hard rock and alternative he’s put out with Velvet Revolver and Stone Temple Pilots.

With the possibility of a new Pilots record, and a set release date for the new solo album, thingd are looking up for Weiland. Let’s hope they stay this way.

One thought on “New Scott Weiland album due Nov. 18th

  1. For all you Stone Temple Pilot or Velvet Revolver fans, I’ve checked out the video and song off Scott Weiland’s new album Happy in Galoshes. It is visually appealing and artistically well made. Go ahead, listen….It’s titled,’Paralysis.’

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